People at CEAGE

The Center for Energy and the Global Environment brings together a diverse group of internationally renowned researchers. CEAGE is comprised of senior faculty, research associates, staff  and graduate students. Together they are working to achieve the Center's mission of providing accurate and up to date data about the global environment.


Name and Title Research Interests
Saifur Rahman

Director, Virginia Tech - Advanced Research Institute (ARI)

Director, Center for Energy and the Global Environment (CEAGE)

Joseph R.Loring Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Energy and Global Environment, Alternate Energy, Critical Infrastructure Assessment and Modeling, Uncertainty Evaluation, Smart Grid.

Manisa Pipattanasomporn

Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering


George Hagerman

Senior Research Associate

Offshore Wind Energy, Tidal and Wave Energy

Yonael Teklu

Research Associate

IT Manager

Electrical Power and Energy, Distributed Generation, Renewable Energies, Smart Grid, Digital Libraries and Content Management Systems

Matthew Unger

Energy Research Specialist

Distributed Generation, Energy Markets, Energy Storage Systems, Energy Utilization, Fossil Energy, Fuel Cells, Hydrogen Fuels, Industrial Energy Use, Ocean Energy Systems, Offshore Wind Energy, Power Plants, Renewable Energy, Renewable Energy Power Plants, Smart Grid , Tidal Energy, Transportation Energy Use, Wave Energy, Wind Energy.

Murat Kuzlu

Postdoctoral Associate

Smart Grid, Demand Response, Communication network architecture and design principles for smart grids, Smart Metering Systems (AMR, AMI, AMM), Renewable Energy, Wireless Communication, Embedded Systems.

Jinghe Zhang

Postdoctoral Associate

  • Kalman filters, stochastic estimation and control, digital signal processing
  • Computer algorithms development
  • Smart grid modeling, simulation, estimation and optimization
  • Robots, motion planning, and microcontroller applications