Director’s Message

The Center for Energy and the Global Environment (CEAGE) was established to undertake research on issues related to energy and its delivery and sustainable end use in the global environment. Its mission is to promote cooperation among diverse groups interested in sustainable energy development, and to act as a catalyst for developing solutions to environmental problems in both developed and developing countries including the emerging parts of the world. As the challenges to energy development and environmental sustainability are global in nature, broad solutions with mutual understandings are needed for sustainable development. However, meaningful agreements can only be reached and maintained when steps are taken to address long-term issues dealing with adequate transfer of technologies and relevant operation and management practices to sustain the application of advanced technologies in emerging economies. CEAGE’s outreach in the form of workshops, trainings, seminars, presentations and demonstration projects is intended to address such issues and bridge the gap.

CEAGE is charged with promoting environmentally compatible and sustainable methods of power generation that are both reliable and secure. The latter requirements have introduced a new facet to CEAGE’s mission, i.e., research into information systems and secure data communications required in the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity and in particular, the implementation of smart grids in the distribution system. In a related context researchers at CEAGE are also working in the area of critical infrastructure protection, and have established a major program called Critical Infrastructure Modeling and Assessment Program. CEAGE programs are guided by discussions with US industry, academia and regulatory bodies, and interactions with scientists and policy makers in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe.

Accordingly, CEAGE’s objective is to find, or develop, the necessary information and make it available to the interested parties. A significant part of CEAGE’s effort is spent disseminating appropriate and available knowledge through workshops and scientific exchanges. CEAGE offers opportunities to client institutions and organizations to participate in meaningful seminars, workshops, studies and training activities. Several seminars and workshops have been held countries such as Egypt, Turkey, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, India, China, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Australia, Singapore, Mexico, Colombia and the United States. CEAGE hosts exchange visits by policymakers as well as academics to assist in formulating environment friendly policies.

Since its creation in 1994, CEAGE has made links with industry groups and universities in more than 30 nations—making it one of the most internationally active research organizations of its kind at Virginia Tech.


Prof. Saifur Rahman

Director, CEAGE