Journal Paper

Battery and Fuel Cell Support for an Autonomous Photovoltaic Power System

K. Ro and S. Rahman

Renewable Energy, vol. 13, no. 2, pp. 203-213, 1998.


This paper presents an overview of comparison between battery backup and fuel cell backup to supplement the fluctuating photovoltaic (PV) power under inclement weather conditions. In order to compare them effectively, it is done in the categories of common and different attributes. The common attributes such as fast load-response, modular production, high reliability and environmental acceptability are the reasons why those two generating sources are the most likely technologies for PV power backup. According to the detailed comparison in the aspects of efficiency, capacity (or efficiency) variation, operational flexibility and environmental externality, the fuel cell backup has more benefits over the battery backup for the purpose of supporting a weather-dependent PV power source.

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