Project Report

DLNET: A Digital Library Network for Engineering and Technology

Saifur Rahman, Yonael Teklu

Final Report


DLNET stands for Digital Library Network for Engineering and Technology, a project under the National Science Foundation NSDL initiative to establish an integrated digital library serving the collective needs of the broad science, technology, engineering and mathematics educational community. DLNET was awarded in response to NSF’s solicitation “NSF 00-44: National Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education Digital Library (NSDL),” issued in January 2000.

DLNET was conceived out of the need to create a platform for complementing and supporting lifelong-learning and continuing education activities of practicing engineers and technologists. It was launched in September 2000 as a project under the “Collections” track of the NSDL program with the objective of developing a platform for hosting engineering and technology related content targeted at practicing engineers and technologists.

DLNET is a collaborative effort of four institutions, namely, the American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE), the Institute of the Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the Iowa State University (IASTATE) and Virginia Tech (VATECH). All come with extensive backgrounds and experiences in hosting and managing online resources for continuing engineering education and distance learning.

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