Conference Paper

Integrated Incremental Seismic Rehabilitation: A Practical Approach to Reducing Risk in Existing Vulnerable Buildings

D. B. Hattis and F. Krimgold

Proceedings of the 2009 ATC & SEI Conference on Improving the Seismic Performance of Existing Buildings and Other Structures


Integrated Incremental Seismic Rehabilitation (IISR) is a methodology developed specifically to overcome the primary obstacles to implementation of seismic rehabilitation: costs of physical strengthening and costs of business or functional interruption. The IISR methodology breaks down the process of building rehabilitation into discrete increments, which can be implemented independently over an extended period of time. In combination these increments accomplish the objective of reducing seismic risk, but do so without an unacceptable initial cost or major disruption of building function or income stream. Furthermore, the identified increments can be integrated into normal, programmed building maintenance and capital improvement activities to further reduce project costs and interruption of building function.

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