Conference Paper

Intelligent Distributed Autonomous Power Systems (IDAPS) and their Impact on Critical Electrical Loads

M. Pipattanasomporn and S. Rahman

Proceedings 1st IEEE International Workshop on Critical Infrastructure Protection, Nov 3-4, 2005, pp. 101-109


The transition toward deregulation and profit- driven operation of power systems has led to a decrease of reserves and reliability levels in various parts of the electric power network which is the backbone of the nationwide critical infrastructure. In order to improve the adequacy and security of power systems, we propose the concept of Intelligent Distributed Autonomous Power Systems (IDAPS). IDAPS is a network of several interconnected sub- networks that are cellular in structure and can operate autonomously in the event of a system fault. Each sub- network (cell) is given enough generating capacity to secure critical loads, as well as the ability to communicate internally among generation, loads and electronic control devices. The IDAPS concept, therefore, ensures an uninterrupted supply of electricity to the high priority loads, thus maintaining the integrity of the critical infrastructure. This paper defines the concept, components and architecture of IDAPS, and demonstrates how the electronic control concept can be applied.

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