Conference Paper

Lessons Learned Over Time, Volume II: Innovative Earthquake Recovery In India

S. Nikolic-Brzev, M. Greene, F. Krimgold, and L. Seeber

Lessons Learned Over Time, Volume II


This publication is a major contribution to earthquake recovery literature. It focuses on the Government of Maharashtra’s housing rebuilding program, financed in large part through a World Bank credit, following the September 1993 Maharashtra, India earthquake. The project is one of the largest ever attempted in the world, particularly with its emphasis on nonengineered, unreinforced masonry construction. Ultimately, 27,000 new houses were built and another 189,000 were repaired. The sheer volume of houses rebuilt, repaired, or strengthened is impressive in speed, quantity, and general quality. These houses were rebuilt within the context of an even larger rehabilitation program that included other social and economic elements as well as the preparation of a disaster management plan. This report highlights observations that may be useful to earthquake risk reduction professionals. While this is a project carried out in a developing country with different construction materials and practices from developed countries, many of the strategies adopted are appropriate for consideration in all contexts.

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