Journal Paper

Two-Loop Controller for Maximizing Performance of a Grid-Connected Photovoltaic-Fuel Cell Hybrid Power Plant

K. Ro and S. Rahman

IEEE Trans. On Energy Conversion, vol. 13, no. 3, September 1998, pp. 276-281


Maximizing performance of a grid-connected photovol- taic (PV)-fuel cell hybrid system by use of a two-loop controller is discussed. One loop is a neural network controller for maximum power point tracking, which extracts maximum available solar power from PV arrays under varying conditions of insolation, tem- perature, and system load. A reall reactive power controller (“2i)stheotherloop. TheRRFTachievesthesystem’sre- quirements for real and reactive powers by controlling incoming fuel to fuel cell stacks as well as switching control signals to a power conditioning subsystem. Results of time-domain simula- tions prove not only effectiveness of the proposed computer mod- els of the two-loop controller but also its applicability for use in stability analysis of the hybrid power plant.

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