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CEAGE Presentations

Date Presentation Title
10/2008 The Growth in Electrical Power Demand and Alternate Energy Technologies
10/2008 An Introduction to Microgrid as a Building Block for the Distribution Level Smart Grid
10/2008 India’s Need for Power Self Sufficiency: A Supply and Demand Side Approach
09/2008 Building Integrated Photovoltaic Panels (BIPV) and Solar Thermal Installations
09/2008 Use of Renewable Energy in Buildings
09/2008 Electricity, Environment and Concerns about Energy Security
07/2008 A Framework for a Resilient and Environment-Friendly Microgrid with Demand-Side Participation
06/2008 Alternate Energy Technologies: A Response to Increasing Electric Power Needs
06/2008 Alternative Energy Technologies for an Evolving Electric Power Generation Landscape
04/2008 Renewable Energy Technologies: A Global Perspective
04/2008 Energy Efficiency in Buildings
04/2008 Power and Energy Research and Post-Graduate Education
04/2008 Electric Power Generation, Climate Change and Mitigation Opportunities
04/2008 Renewable Energy Technologies: A Global Perspective
04/2008 The Protection of Critical Infrastructures: Concept, Evolution and Complexities
03/2008 State-of-the-Art and Trends in Renewable Energy Technologies: A Global Perspective
03/2008 Alternate Energy for Resilience of Electricity Supply and Energy Security
12/2007 Energy Policymaking in Bangladesh: Need for a Global Awareness
10/2007 Resilient Critical Information Infrastructure: A Myth or a Realistic Target
10/2007 Improving Resilience and Acceptance of Large Energy Infrastructure Projects
09/2007 Engineering Education in a Globally-Competitive Marketplace
09/2007 Energy Policymaking in Bangladesh: Need for Global Awareness
09/2007 Energy and the Environment
09/2007 Greenhouse Gas Mitigation using Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
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