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CEAGE Presentations

Date Presentation Title
03/2006 A Comprehensive Approach to Critical Information Infrastructure Assurance
03/2006 Quality Engineering Education in the 21 Century: Role of the Professional Community
03/2006 Symposium on Quality Engineering Education in the 21st Century: Role of the Teaching Community
01/2006 Information and Communication Technology and Sustainable Social Services
12/2005 Impact of Natural Disasters on Critical Infrastructures
12/2005 Energy and the Environment
10/2005 Distributed Generation Technologies and Energy Efficiency for the Mitigation of GHG Emissions
10/2005 Greenhouse Gas Emissions - Climate Change and Renewable Energy
10/2005 Greenhouse Gas Emissions and its Mitigation Potential
09/2005 Information and Communication Technologies: Powerful Enabler or Weakest Link
09/2005 Critical Information Infrastructure Protection: Overview of the R&D in the U.S.
05/2005 Distribution Generation Technologies: Exploring the Opportunities
05/2004 Telecommunication Needs for the Internet Infrastructure in Bangladesh
05/2004 Distributed Generation Solutions for Internet Access in Remote Areas
01/2004 Digital Library Network for Engineering and Technology: An NSDL Project
10/2003 Green Power History and Potentials
10/2003 Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Its Mitigation Opportunities
10/2003 Energy Management and Renewable Energy
10/2003 Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Mitigation Issues
10/2003 Distributed Energy Technologies: A Sustainable Energy Solution
09/2003 Critical Infrastructure Dependency: A View from the United States
08/2003 A Sustainable Electricity Solution: Issues and Answers
08/2003 A Sustainable Electricity Solution through Distributed Generation and Energy Efficiency
08/2003 Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Distributed Generation Technologies and Energy Efficiency
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