ARI Project

A Test Bed for Analyzing the Security and Resilience of the DG-Integrated Electric Power Distribution Network

The objective of the proposed research is to develop a simulation test bed which can be used to quantify and analyze the impact of future demand and supply side alternatives on the security and resilience of the DG-integrated electric power distribution network. This research applies the knowledge of power systems, agent-based technologies, IP-based network and game theory to address the interface of the electric power microgrid with various DG devices and loads. Research outcomes are expected to be transformative and potentially revolutionize current planning and decision-making practices for electric power distribution networks, through introduction of the simulation test bed that allows integration of distributed control, advanced communications, distributed generation and demand management components. The test bed to be developed is intended for use by researchers and policy makers to analyze the security and resiliency implications of installing DG devices under different demand and supply scenarios. With respect to educational benefits, the research outcomes will contribute to the development of a microgrid simulation test bed located at the Advanced Research Institute of Virginia Tech. The test bed will broaden student exposure beyond the academic environment through laboratory work.