Training Program

Training Program for NEPA Engineers and Managers (Nigeria)

Engineering and Management Efficiency Improvements in Electric Power Distribution Networks

Training Program for NEPA (Nigeria) Engineers and Managers,

Alexandria, Virginia

4-8 April 2005

The training was organized over a five-day week. The workshop-type layout allowed structured interactive decisions between the participants and presenters. The three-hour time slot for each of the four topics was used for formal presentations, best practices in the United States, seeking to find opportunities for applications in Nigeria and discussions with the presenters. Additional time was spent on site visits and discussions.

The following topics were covered in this workshop:

  • Introductions, overview of the workshop content

Saifur Rahman, Virginia Tech

  • Topic 1: Power system distribution focusing on high-voltage distribution with small-capacity transformers (increase efficiency and discourage “wire-trap” theft)

Mike W. Marshall, Synergetic Design, Inc

  • Topic 2: Customer data mining (identify highest-value customers as well as highest-payment-risk customers; setting appropriate tariffs for customer mix)

Olivia Parr Rud, OLIVIAGroup

  • Topic 3: Combined meter-reading and spot billing with handheld computer printer and remotely-accessed digital meters

Jeff McWhirt, Dominion Power

  • Topic 4: Customer service center (trouble-call management, connections, disconnections)

Dan Ward, Dominion Power

  • NRECA presentation, Mike Ganley, NRECA

Site visit – NRECA, Mike Pehosh, NRECA

  • Participant presentations and discussions
  • Michael Willingham, Virginia Tech